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Handshake Bets is a decentralized peer-to-peer betting platform where all DeFri’s can bet on anything. Literally, anything. Create your own bet, risk what you want and take control of your personal betting experience.

About Our Squad

Our Story

Being very competitive people, we are always challenging each other by making a bet on an action. Whether it’ll be on the golf course, at a bar or cooking dinner, our community is always putting something at stake to make life more exciting. However, the payments or “what’s at stake” never gets fulfilled. People ghost each other, or don’t follow through because they “forgot”. Hello Handshake Bets. 

Handshake Bets was made to become the game to play while you go out. Make a group with your friends, go to a bar, and play Handshake Bets by challenging each other with bets. The user gets the social media satisfaction, posting to a group and getting likes, while also getting the adrenaline rush from winning a bet. With our in-app currency, Shakes (of no monetary value), users can place bets without risking real money. Handshake Bettors can bet with lunch, first round of drinks or money as well, but the user has to honor their bet.

Handshake Bets is the revolution needed in the increasing connected society. Are you ready?


James Dvorak

Co-Founder, CEO

Hey Everyone! My name is James Dvorak, a recent Senior at Indiana University. I'm from the North Suburbs of Chicago, but a huge White Sox fan. Look for me on the golf course, hoopin or making friendly wagers with my friends.


Tyler Kozub

Co-Founder, COO

What’s good everyone.. They call me TyKo, and I am a recent graduate from IU. If you need an unnecessarily aggressive pick on a game hit the contact button below. All locks all the time. Chicago Cubs playoff appearance 2021.


Patrick Murtagh

Co-Founder, CFO

What's up everybody. My name is Pat and I'm also a graduate from IU. I live on Long Island and am Mets-Jets-Islanders guy. I will cry if one of them ever wins a championship. Just trying to start this business to make life more fun for everyone.

Max Heath



Eric Thompson

Creative Director

Ryan Mass

Meet The Rest of the Team


Max Heath
Investor, CMO

Indiana University Graduate from the Kelley School of Business. Max runs all data modeling and leads venture capital findings.


Ryan Mass:
Investor, Consultant

University of Illinois graduate from the Geis College of Business. Ryan helps assist the company with long term goals, while assisting with technical solutions.


Handshake Bets News

Making Headlines


Ryan Greenbury: Investor, VP of Finance

Indiana University graduate from the Kelley School of Business. Ryan leads the team in internal valuations, Tokenomics of SHAKES and all financial services within the company.


Zach Kozub:
Investor, Financial Consultant

Miami University Graduate from the Farmer School of Business. Zach helps develop a secure corporate structure, while assisting with financial decisions, both short and long term plans.

Handshake App Launch

February 7th, 2021

2nd Annual Handshake Bets Open

May 10th, 2021

App Update 1.2

May 31st, 2021

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