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Most Notable Trophy Moments

As a majority of the world saw Tom "The GOAT" Brady stumbling through Tompa Bay, I was thinking about something totally different. Where does the other notable thing Tom did yesterday rank with Championship winning celebrations.

Keep in mind, this is my personal list but this is a list of the most bizarre moments that have occurred post a team or individual sports accomplishment.

5. Kris Draper's Son Used the Stanley Cup as a diaper

No, I do not know who Kris Draper is either, but I do know what a diaper is used for, and it is not for collecting this 3rd round draft pick's childs poop. He played for the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings stink, and apparently so does Lord Stanley's Cup - since 1998.

4. JR Smith Drinking Copious Amounts of Hennessey Without a Shirt for WEEKS

This without a doubt is one of those things that lives in my head rent free... Seeing this Pro Ball Player not wear a shirt for weeks in remembrance of winning the O'Brian trophy was simply comical - and well the weirdest celebration I can remember.

3. Lombardi toss

Yes, you all saw it yesterday. Tom truly chucked the trophy boat to boat to Gronk, for what I'm calling their third completion... but this brought out an honorable mention: . Gronk using the lombardi a baseball bat. Yes this did happen as well. The two of them are GOATs on the field, but only get 3rd place on this list.

2. Real Madrid runs over their trophy

I personally don't know anything about soccer, but seeing a team drop the trophy off the patented celebratory roof buses, and then running it over during the parade, was absolutely hilarious. This in itself, just proves that these trophys are expendable.

1. The visit Vegas commercial guys

If you don't remember when that group of guys ran around Las Vegas with a flower plant that they were faking they won whatever championship - using it to get free drinks, get into clubs, and just make their weekend, then you need to go find that commercial. My favorite, part, and why it deserves to be number 1 on this list is because at the end of the commercial, they PUT IT BACK.


Someone please explain why they would not try it again the next night.

If you disagree please feel free to let me know what you would have rather had on this list!

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