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One of us. One of us. One of us.

Every gambler has lost way more money than they planned to at least once in their gambling career. Whether your standard unit is $10 or $1,000, gambling debts can pile up fast. It doesn't even matter if you are a professional athlete. If the gambling gods are not in your favor, beware. Just ask current San Jose Sharks player, Evander Kane.

Earlier this week, Kane filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claiming debts worth $26.8 million. These aren't all gambling debts, but in just the last MONTH, he has lost $1.5 million gambling. We can only guess how large his total gambling debts are, but if last month is any indication, my man is deeeeep in the hole.

This is not Kane's first time in the spotlight for his gambling woes. Back in April 2019, Kane ghosted the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas after getting smoked 5-0 by the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The casino had extended him several lines of credit that night varying between $20k and $100k. He paid none of it back.

While gamblers we know may ghost bookies for a few hundred, he ghosts casinos for a few hundred thousand. While we may lose $1.5 thousand over a month, he loses $1.5 million. It's all relative. No matter how you slice it, Evander Kane is simply one of us.

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