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Revolving Door Between the Bars

We've all heard the phrase, two quarterbacks means no quarterbacks but in the NHL, having two goalies is more important than ever. NHL teams are being asked to play about the same amount of games, against fewer teams, creating a schedule that includes tons of back-to-back games, against the same opponent. Find one way to beat a team and try to replicate it the following night. For a diehard Blackhawks fan, not having Crow in the net hurts a ton.

But between Subban, Delia, and Lankinen the Chicago Blackhawks believe they will be able to navigate this bizzare season while having each of the three get about an equal amount of starts, until one shows out.

Just under and hour ago Malcom Subban was declared the starting goalie for game one tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. For me, Malcom has showed me enough to stay confident in the Under 6 goals in the entire game. Hawks will struggle without Toews and others but, Subban should have enough in the tank to keep the game close.

Other NHL picks today....

Penguins ML --> if you have FanDuel closely look at Sidney to score one goal odds boost

Maple Leafs ML

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