• tyler kozub

Takeoff Initiated

We really want to commend you for joining us in this social gambling revolution. We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg for what we can do and truly lead the pack in taking the stigma away from betting.

Our app is used to make betting fun again, and of course, promote competition between friends, family, and colleagues.

This blog is what we are calling the "Handshake Herald" and is where we want YOU to come and get inspired as to what to bet on. We have bet on everything from the time it'll take to go through a drive-thru, a virtual pool game, almost every variation of golf bets, and we know that the possibilities are truly endless.

The first bet we encourage you to make is betting on which one of your friends will be the last one on... Last one in the friend group buys everyone else a beer next time you're all out at the bar!

So come on, join us. Join our first group "Handshake Bettors"

Next stop, the moon.

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