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The Blue and Orange Parlay

I have no shame in admitting this is very biased gambling advice, but it has proven successful each and every time it's been placed. With the Knicks out of the playoffs, the blue and orange parlay now only consists of the Amazin' Mets and America's team, the New York Islanders.

If you are quick, you can parlay the Mets tonight with deGoat on the bump and the Isles tomorrow at the the Old Barn. It is free money. It is can't lose. The odds if you place it tonight are +200.

Given that I only gave you 7 minutes of advance notice, it would still be a safe bet with Stroman going for the Mets tomorrow in what I anticipate to be a chance at a sweep. The odds should be better tomorrow as the Mets are heavily favored tonight.

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