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Way to Stay Relevant St. Louis

If you haven't already heard, the LA Rams, formally St. Louis Rams, owner Stan Kroenke is being sued over his choice to relocate. What could have been a $450 million investment in construction to build SoFi stadium in St. Louis, could now turn into an over $8 billion decision.

Stan took the biggest gamble of them all, moving an ENTIRE franchise halfway across the nation. St. Louis had offered to allow the organization to build ultimately the same stadium in St. Louis (minus the ocean view) for just under half a billion. Construction of the stadium in LA was over 1.1 billion (for the building itself).. but NOW Stan has an angry St. Louis coming back for its money.

The city is suing Stan for taking away potential earnings from hosting the 2022 Superbowl, various jobs from the area, and violating other relocation procedures that are outlined by the NFL.

St. Louis was home to an abysmal Rams team for over 20 years, so at least the move has led to Stan having a better team on the field.

I am hammering St. Louis to win this lawsuit, but not for the full amount. I bet they get approximately 3.5 billion of the 8-9 being asked for.

Oh also, if you don't want to bet on the outcome of a lawsuit in January 2022, the Cardinals play in Atlanta tonight. Cardinals are injured and will lose to the Braves 5-2, as Max Fried puts on a show.

Prop I like... Martinez over strikeouts... man is an absolute menace on the mound - total nutcase - but he's got dirty stuff, and gets out of jams with his breaking ball. If the line is under 6.5, the over is basically a lock. Guy will easily go 6 for the Cardinals, even if they are down cause they are so injured.

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