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We All Have That One Friend..

Whether it be the friend who is still looking for a job, the friend who can't break 95 consistently on the golf course, or the friend who tells the beloved story of the 6 team parlay that lost by a combined 3 points.

And I like to believe we all need that friend, because, that friend is me. BUT, this article isn't about me. This article is about how YOU can inspire THAT FRIEND. Bet with them.

Kick them when they're down, because they get up faster than anyone else you know. Send them locks every once in a while, because you know their bookie is getting the best of them every week. Inspire that friend to take the underdog, because who doesn't love a true underdog story. And every once in a while, you have to ride a pick with them that you just don't feel comfortable with.

I leave you today with a few bets:

Set a line with that friend for how many applications they will send next week. Set a date and bet over/under that friend gets a job. Set a reasonable line of 4.5 three-putts next time out and DON'T TAKE THE OVER - encourage them.

Islanders ML. Liverpool ML - just parlay it with whatever else you take tonight.

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