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Who wants to be a World Record Holder?

There are some world records out there that actually just seem easy to beat. With the amount of time coronavirus has given us at home, it just seems like a good use of your time. Think about having that on your resume... "World Record Holder". I've found two of these records that I'm challenging anyone to beat. If you do it and send us video proof, we will send you a Handshake Bets t-shirt.

The most ridiculous record by far was the "Highest Distance to Drop a Starburst into a Jar." Jonathan Merrill has held this record since freaking 2012 with a pathetic 11.91 feet. Check out the video to see how absurdly easy it could be. I don't know about you, but it bothers me how poor his performance was. Someone's gotta beat him.

Next we have Philip Santoro who decided to inhale a jelly donut with his hands behind his back in 2014. He got it down in 11.41 seconds. This achievement is more impressive, but I still think it is just so beatable.

I want to see these guys lose, so I'm betting on our followers. Beat them and win a shirt.

Let's set some records.

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